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Customer Reviews & Ratings


Amy N.

Hillsborough, NC


 I have had and continue to have a wonderful experience

with Above All Cleaning. The owner and managers have

been wonderful and timely when corresponding, and my

husband and I greatly appreciated the home visit for

estimate. Our first cleaning was fantastic as evidenced

that there was nothing that I had to go back over to

clean, re-arrange, or feel it was not sufficient. If anything,

the cleaning was above my standards (I can be picky and

specific) and very much appreciated. Staff were timely,

polite, and did an awesome job. I highly recommend

this service.

Beth L.

Durham, NC


I am so glad to have found Above All Cleaning. I'd had other services, but no one has ever been as thorough, reliable, and caring about each detail. They are a joy every time they come, and despite the effects of living with cats, living in the woods, etc. they make sure our house sparkles top to bottom. Plus, they leave an invisible but noticeable residual energy behind that is full of good cheer, kindness, and professionalism. The best of the best.

Mickey T.

Greensboro, NC 


Called the day I needed service and they were able to provide service a few hours later.

​Dinah W.

Snow Camp, NC 


It's service is worth every penny.

A. Logan

Mebane, NC


Absolutely wonderful service. Great communication. The staff are all trust worthy and nice. Our house sparkles and shines. Like we don't have two kids that live here or a dog inside. Well worth the money.

Kyle W.

Asheboro, NC 


They were excellent!

A homeowner​

Hillsborough, NC


The cleaning service delivered outstanding general house cleaning to a private residence. Cleaning was detailed and very thorough. The workers were friendly and wanted to please. Have has several cleaning services for many years prior and Above All Cleaning is the best!

Charlie L.

Graham, NC


The crew leader introduced herself and the members of the crew. They then went promptly work. The work was thorough, and done courteously and professionally. I hired them for a one-time spring cleaning. I was sufficiently satisfied that I intend to hire them for regular, scheduled house cleaning. 

Donna M. 


I was very pleased with the cleaning!! I only had 1 issue and it really is nothing to complain about. When you use the Bona to wipe the floors if it is not completely dry (it will look dry) and you place the furniture back it will leave a linty (is that a word?) place. It happens to Don all the time and he should know!! I'm positive they hurried because Don said clean that room first and then we left and they had no idea when we would be back. Please do not take this as a complaint because it is not meant to be!! Having cleaned houses before I feel that I can be aware of the outcome and again, I was very pleased!!

Anonymous ​


That the cleaners are not always the same is troublesome for me. I know that, especially in the summer, substitutions must be made, but the subs don't always know what and what not to do. An example: once the floors were mopped before I noticed and I do not let water stand on my floors. They are old, not laminate so shouldn't have water. They dried the floors so no damage was done but if I hadn't been here, it might have been. 


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